A well qualified factory medical officer (MBBS doctor with a diploma in industrial health and cited further as FMO) will be stationed at each plant. To oversee the functions and ensure all deliverables are correctly met an occupational health consultant (MBBS doctor with AFIH and extensive knowledge and experience in OSHA norms and compliance. Cited further as OH Consultant) will administrate the program on a limited time basis. The roles of each are discussed in the schematic representation as below.

OH Consultant

  • Design,establish and manage OH systems, policies and program
  • Develop and implement MERP (Medical Emergency Response Plan)
  • Ensure compliance of state HSE / Occupational Health Legislations and applicable laws
  • Guide and Top side unit advice to FMO as applicable
  • Organize credible occupational health hazzard identification and risk assessment
  • Establish organizational standards for recruitment medical check ups,
  • Develop training program and deploy tools to measure impact
  • Conducting inspection and acting as internal auditor


  • Dealing with Medical Emergencies
  • Monitor workforce for early detection and prevention of work related diseases
  • Manage workforce classified as high risk
  • Hygiene inspection
  • Report observation and progress on targets
  • Administratieve responsibillity in managing medicines and stocks at OHC
  • Assess medical/ fitness reports and co-ordinate with managers for compliance
  • Maintain health records for factory personnel including visit log
  • Training - Awareness and Lifestyle modification strategies
  • Our model is designed to achieve the desired objectives under all protocols of compliance
  • This sustainable model is cost-effective and is based on systematic protocols and evidence-based research
  • Time based resolution of issues and sustainability of the same
  • Centralized and streamlined approach to ensure easy approach of the team for the FMO's across plants
  • The right technology, developed by us, to simplify data management, customized to OHC team requirements

Confidentiality Terms

Data and Medical Records: Medical records are digitalized, protected by HIPPA (Health Information Protection and Privacy Act) and compliance related to confidentiality will be as per OSHA guidelines. (Regulation states that medical information should be strictly confidential between the employee and treating doctor and treating doctor can circulate or communicate his records only to a medical expert for betterment of the treatment.

Software Technology

Myhealthmeter as an e-healthcare system, manages medical records at both individual and organizational levels. Our in-house IT team develops customized modules to facilitate seamless processes. This yields customized programs that are concurrent with each plant's requirements. The functions of these programs include management of medicines OH equipment, medical trends, safety-inspections, observation logs, training logs. The cost of the same will be included in the administration expense.

All trends across plants are simultaneously monitored by cloud-based software, working out of secure and dedicated cloud servers. This ensures that logistics are streamlined and medical emergencies are efficiently managed. Ready software can be introduced if necessary if he company management, FMO and Myhealthmeter services team agree on the implementation of the same. Needless to say, external software will bear an additional cost.

Scope of Work:

Areas Coverage Remarks
Pre-employment Medicals Yes Limited to examination of the candidate and review of reports. Medical test will be conducted outside is not included in the scope of this proposal. FMO will ensure criteria for selection are enforced.
Periodical Exams Yes Limited to review of reports, develop employee health profile and follow-up on his health status. High-risk employees will go periodic review consultation and physical exams to ensure risks levels are monitored. Periodical exams will be conducted by NABL lab & managed by Healthmeter services.
Emergency Treatment Yes Medical Emergency Response Plan will be drafted by OH consultant and implemented by FMO at the plant. Select staff members will be trained to ensure emergency in absence of FMO working hours. FMO and OH consultant will take necessary steps to ensure efficient management of such emergency. Nearby hospital will be empanelled and regular co-ordination with them to provide timely care.

Note: Coverage of the cost of the emergency and hospital expenses and necessary travel by FMO and OH is outside the scope and will be payable by company
Non Emergency / Welfare treatment Yes Management of health of employees and contract workers at the plants. Medicine prescription may be given or administered as per plant policy. Treatment to be given by FMO. As required the case to be escalated to OH for consultation
Records Keeping Yes Healthmeter services will manage the health records and digitalize the copies from reinstated dates. Digitalization of past records will be outside the scope and can be covered in separate MOU. Records will be managed as per protocol assigned by OH Consultant. Observation logs and training logs will be managed by FMO. An administrator from the plant must however ensure they are safely stored and updated as per compliance.
Health Related Programs Yes Periodic seminars and work related health awareness programs to be provided by FMO. Safety trainings to be given by OH consultant and DA will be separately reimbursed by company. Third party trainings will be managed by Healthmeter services and imparted as per the requirements proposed by FMO, OH consultant and plant management.
Audit and Inspection Yes Plant audit by OH in lines of occupational health of workers/health hazards and issue guidelines to improvise. Audit of patient logs / fitness records and treatment logs. Audit of hospital set-up at site and it’s working.
Consultancy in CoSHH Yes To be provided as per the findings from FMO and OH Consultant. Occupational and Safety evaluations and how to address the same will be presented to plant management and documented for further review. Furthermore new measures will be suggested to prevent health hazards.
Driving Industrial Hygiene Programs Yes As discussed in work module