Your employees' health is important. Customized and well-integrated Employee Wellness Programs ensure that cost savings, calculated by multiplying the average pay, by reduction in lost working hours, ultimately help an organization execute its business strategy and thereby achieve the desired business goals.

Why Myhealthmeter?

Myhealthmeter's programs are scientifically structured and methodically executed. This ensures effective investment of resources in health checkups and wellness programs, consequently resulting in achieving the best organizational environment for a healthy workforce.


Strategic Considerations:

A robust wellness program reduces health risks and health care costs. Hence, to improve the health status, productivity and performance of the workforce we recommend the following:

  • Optimum Design for Health Management Program
  • Identify Health Risk at Individual and Organization Level
    Stratify population, Identify opportunities to improve health while addressing health care cost.
  • Establish baseline from which improvements can be measured
    Provide data to help employees to take appropriate actions to improve their health
    Target health interventions to mitigate identified health risks
    Structure benefits plan to identified health risks
  • Tailor health management program to individual needs
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    Identify objective measures on which incentive programs can be established
    Refer individuals to respective health care providers

Why is Annual Health Check important?

  • Prevention is better than cure. An annual health check pre-empts possible risks of developing a disease in an individual.
  • Latest research suggests that screening tests (periodic medicals) must be optimally personalized as opposed to being generally structured for all.
Empanelled Diagnostic Centres

Following factors are considered while empanelling the diagnostic centres:

  • Single Point of Services: All facilities under single roof
  • Quality and Brand: Centres characterized by high quality through brand value and accreditation
  • Proximity to Employees: Minimum distance from centres to avail quick health check-ups
  • Cost: Identify centres with presence in multiple cities to drive bulk numbers and cost-benefits