About Health Meter

As the name suggests, our system is akin to a meter that displays vital parameters of the human body using easily discernible colour codes. The Health Meter also analyzes changes or anomalies over a period of time in a human body.

  • We help corporate institutions by designing innovative wellness programs that help them maintain a healthy environment for their employees and helps select healthy prospective candidates.

    We have an accredited network of hospitals and diagnostic centers that are equipped with all the superior facilities to help your employees, under the same roof.

  • Our services consist of conducting annual health checkups, pre-employment checkups and factory medicals across

    Indian cities

Our goal is to nip a health problem in the bud. We help increase productivity of the company by reducing health risk of employees.

Our strengths in designing health and wellness programs make them effective and optimum for our clients. We also manage the logistics, minimize liability for the organization and help streamline the entire operation pertaining to the health benefits. Our programs are unique, scientifically robust and meet all fundamental objectives of the organization from an employee healthcare perspective.

Myhealthmeter is owned by Health Meter Services Private Ltd.